The Christmas season is here again. There are few times of year that are fraught with so many mixed emotions. Most of us desire to celebrate the birth of Jesus. We keep that in the back of our minds, but the busyness of putting up decorations, Christmas parties, shopping for family and friends, and church activities keep us occupied. There’s the stress of making our money stretch with the cost of buying gifts and extra food for holiday meals.  Also, the desire for newer larger gadgets that we really don’t need.

Many people face the holiday with sadness and loneliness, remembering past Christmases with loved ones who are no longer here. The empty seat at the table or around the tree are hard to deal with.

In all our hustle and bustle or quiet reflection, we have our priorities totally out of focus. We’ve failed to remember the most important part of this season.


Who is the central figure of Christmas? JESUS CHRIST! Let’s put Him back where He belongs and get our attention off of ourselves. Jesus left the splendors of Heaven, where His position was at God the Father’s right hand, to be born a helpless baby. All that Mary and Joseph had for Him were swaddling clothes and a manger in a stable. Yet He was totally God, the sinless, Creator of the Universe! His sole purpose in coming was to die on the cross and pay the penalty for our sins, the sins of everyone who has ever lived. God loved us so much He was willing to sacrifice His Only-begotten Son for us. We must believe in Him and accept His free gift of salvation.

Oh, Come Let us adore Him, Christ the Lord!!

 Let’s make this Christmas a time of adoration and praise for our wonderful Savior! 

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