Historical Romance

A Harvey Girls Legacy Novella

Inconvenient Love

Harvey Girl, Tessa Gillespie, has signed a year contract with Fred Harvey. She is not to marry during that time and is committed to honoring that contract.

…then she meets Cliff and his four young children. Cliff Nance owns a wheat farm. He has been a widower for almost three years and has raised his children on his own. He wants a wife but is not willing to settle for a marriage of convenience…then he sees Tessa at the Harvey House. Why would God bring them together at such an inconvenient time? Will they find that God’s timing is perfect?

A Harvey Girl Adventure!

Home for the Heart

By 1901, new elaborate Harvey House resort hotels have been built along the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad, and Fred Harvey’s legacy is carried on by his sons. Twenty-year-old Liz Gilbertson, orphaned as a child, yearns to find her real father’s family. After being jilted by her fiancé, she decides to become a Harvey Girl to give her life direction. When Michael McKey, the youngest son of a prominent Boston Banker, moves to Topeka to work as an accountant for Liz’s adopted father at the AT&SF office, her life takes a definite positive shift. Liz and Michael are drawn to each other, but can she rival the women of his social status? Will Liz find a home for her heart?

Romance Along the Rails

The year is 1885, Harvey House restaurants are spread out along the western United States, following the route of the AT&SF railroad. Elise Dumond, a Kansas Harvey Girl, wants to save her family farm in Missouri. She falls for a handsome railroad surveyor, but he is on his way to lead a survey team in the Oklahoma Territory. Will the distance and time apart or other circumstances come between them? Will they allow God to orchestrate the events in their lives to bring them back together?

Children's Stories

Dealing with Alzheimers

Grandpa Forgot My Name

Grandpa has become forgetful. Adam is sad Grandpa has to leave his farm, but he’s excited to have him come to stay at his house.

Adam doesn’t understand why Grandpa is confused, however he realizes the only thing that matters is that he loves Grandpa, and Grandpa loves him. Adam’s happy to be Grandpa’s little boy.

A Christmas Treasure Hunt

Malcolm is disappointed when his mom is called in to work, but he and his friends find they can decorate for Christmas by using Bible clues in a Christmas Treasure Hunt. As they read the Christmas story, they discover the true treasure.

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