A writer has to extract the story from the brain and give it life. That’s not an easy process!

I want to thank my son-in-law, Erik, for helping me update my website and increase my media presence. Also thanks to my friend, Ginny, for her critiquing skills. I have been writing and editing “Home for the Heart”. 

I will be attending a writer’s conference in the middle of September and need to be able to describe my story to an editor or an agent. This is best described as an “elevator pitch”. It needs to be concise enough to share in the elevator. I would like your help today. Please let me know if this blurb would catch your imagination and encourage you to read my next novel, “Home for the Heart”.

Orphaned and recently jilted, Liz Gilbertson yearns to contact her birth father’s family but encounters dead ends at every turn. Michael Brannon, her adopted father’s new accountant, is attracted to Liz, but she’s not ready to begin a new relationship. She becomes a Harvey Girl to redefine her future.  

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